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4 Easy Ways to Create a Sage 100 ERP Invoice from Sales Order Entry

Posted by Adrian Montgomery on Mon, Sep 24, 2012 @ 04:48 PM

Sage 100 ERP PartnerQuestion:  How exactly is a Sage 100 ERP (formerly MAS 90, MAS 200) invoice created? 

Answer:  A Sage 100 ERP invoice can be generated in one of four ways.

Generally we will have an order placed in Sage 100 ERP either by the phone, imported or keyed-in.  Let's assume someone calls in and orders something, we take the order number, the order date, we'll create a Sage 100 ERP customer or choose an existing customer.  We enter a PO number if one is supplied, we apply a ship date, denote what warehouse it ships from, we assign the sales tax class, terms of payment, ship method and who placed the order.  Then we assign the product items to the order.  Once we assign the items to the order the tax is applied and the shipping is added if applicable.

4 Ways to Create a Sage 100 ERP Invoice

  1. The simplest way to create an invoice is to go directly into Sage 100 ERP invoice data entry and invoice the sales order
  2. Another way to turn a Sage 100 ERP sales order into an invoice is to communicate to the shipping department to ship the product.  Once the shipping occurs accounting can create the invoice to send to the customer.  
  3. Another way to create a Sage 100 ERP invoice is to come directly into shipping data entry and the shipping department can indicate what items on the sales order were shipped.  This automatically creates a Sage 100 ERP invoice.
  4. Another way to create a Sage 100 ERP invoice is to auto generate the invoice.  When we use the auto generate invoice feature we can invoice one or many sales orders at a time.

Please watch our short video tutorial demonstrating all 4 ways to create a Sage 100 ERP invoice from sales order entry.


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