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Small Business Accounting

Often small businesses need more than an off-the-shelf solution, but don’t have the budget to implement a large ERP system. Sage Software provides multiple accounting packages with the small business in mind, some of which are listed below. Click here or call for pricing.  Please dowload our MAS 90 MAS 200 technical whitpaper using the form below:

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Sage BusinessWorks Accounting

Bridging the gap between entry-level products and complex high-end systems, the Sage BusinessWorks Accounting product is modular in design and is ideally suited for growing small and mid-sized businesses that require more muscle than basic bookkeeping software can provide. Click here or call for pricing.
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Peachtree by Sage

Designed for small business owners to better manage their accounting and streamline their operations, the Peachtree line includes a solution for virtually every need and budget - from basic to advanced. Choose from the entry-level simplicity of Peachtree First Accounting to the powerful features of our industry-specific solutions, including those for construction, distribution, manufacturing and nonprofits. Click here or call for pricing.

CRM and Contact Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is more than software. CRM allows everyone in an organization including owners, managers, and salespeople the opportunity to share and collaborate in a meaningful way. A true CRM system effectively integrates and increases productivity within a organization’s Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service departments. CRM technology builds value for your business by allowing your employees to manage customer relationships, opportunities, activities, and tasks in an organized way. Click here or call for pricing.

ACT! by Sage

The best-selling contact management software in the market, ACT! by Sage’s ease of use has attracted millions of users. Improve relationships and meet sales goals by tracking important contact information in one spot. Click here or call for pricing.
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Sage SalesLogix

The leader in customer relationship management for small to mid-sized businesses, Sage SalesLogix is a top-notch CRM solution. Sage SalesLogix enables businesses to acquire, retain, and develop profitable customer relationships by increasing sales and marketing performance and maximizing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Click here or call for pricing.
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A wireless and Internet-based suite of applications providing enterprise-wide access to information anytime and anywhere, Sage CRM is designed to support all aspects of customer relationship management. Enjoy the rapid deployment of Sage CRM as either an in-house or hosted application. Click here or call for pricing.
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Nonprofit / Fundraising Accounting

Nonprofit organizations needs are unique, so Sage Software provides powerful fund accounting and fundraising solutions developed specifically for these organizations. Through these solutions, Sage offers the same powerful processing and ease-of-use of other business management solutions, along with functionality and reporting capabilities required to excel in the nonprofit sectors. Click here or call for pricing.
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Sage MIP Fund Accounting

Tracking funds from multiple sources has never been easier. The preferred nonprofit financial management solution, Sage MIP Fund Accounting helps nonprofits of every size plan and manage budgets, maximize grants, and produce accurate customized reports in minutes. Click here or call for pricing.
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Sage Fundraising

A simple and user-friendly system built to meet the unique needs of fundraisers, Sage Fundraising fits the needs of both small and large nonprofits. A range of Sage Fundraising solutions are available based on different sizes and needs of the nonprofit industry. Click here or call for pricing.
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Sage FAS Nonprofit Fixed Assets

Sage FAS Nonprofit Fixed Assets gives you control over your fixed assets throughout their entire lifecycle. Based on an easy-to-learn, intuitive user interface, Sage FAS Nonprofit Fixed Assets is the most comprehensive fixed asset management solution for asset depreciation, inventory tracking, and custom reporting. Click here or call for pricing.

All Other Sage Products:

Sage is the manufacturer of approximately 50 other software and service packages utilized by millions of users, industries, and businesses across the world. Our relationship with Sage and all Sage Channel Partners can help you narrow down who you would like to service the Sage product we do not carry. Contact us if you need more information on other Sage products. Click here or call for pricing.