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The HighJump TrueCommerce EDI Solutions Group of HighJump Software offers an EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Platform that is affordable, easy to set up and use, and scales seamlessly as your needs grow.

TrueCommerce EDI Solutions are the only EDI platform that offers true one-stop shopping with everything your business needs for EDI compliance. Our EDI solutions integrate seamlessly with the leading ERP systems and accounting software packages, and provide you with all components needed to implement EDI in your environment. With the TrueCommerce EDI Solutions you get a robust, complete and cost-competitive EDI system with no hassles. That includes:

  • Low cost EDI software and EDI Trading Network (VAN) fees
  • No annual maintenance fees
  • Free EDI software updates included
  • Unbeatable US-based support

The TrueCommerce EDI Solutions Group offers everything you need to succeed quickly and easily with EDI, while reducing total cost of ownership by up to 50%. This savings is possible because the TrueCommerce EDI platform includes the same basic components for every end-to-end deployment which makes the system easy to set up, maintain and use. Here are the core EDI components and services of theTrueCommerce EDI platform:

EDI Connectivity with your trading partner(s) is necessary to transmit EDI documents, whether directly via the internet or through a "Value Added Network" (EDI VAN). The TrueCommerce Trading Network, our internet-based transaction gateway, transmits your EDI transactions with your trading partners, ensuring robust and predictable connectivity at a fraction of the cost of most other alternatives. Our Trading Network is compliant with virtually any connectivity protocol, including AS1/AS2/AS3, FTP and VAN interconnects (if required).

EDI Translation Software is required to convert the raw EDI data from your accounting system into a meaningful, business document format, like a purchase order or invoice. TrueCommerce Transaction Manager™ makes using EDI translation software intuitive. It provides EDI compliant transactions with virtually any customer or vendor. You can choose from two versions of the software: Transaction Manager for the desktop (on premise deployment) or a web-based (SaaS deployment). Both versions of the software convert business documents in and out of the ANSI ASC X12 EDI standard, and both integrate with a wide range of popular accounting and ERP systems.

TrueCommerce EDI can provide you with a Business System Plug-In™ module to map the transfer of EDI transactions to and from your accounting or business software. This integration also provides the ability to smoothly import and export information from EDI transactions to and from your back-end business or accounting system, If you move to a new accounting system, TrueCommerce EDI Support works with you to help replace your original Business System Plug-in™ with one that maps to your new financial software – and the rest of your EDI environment stays the same.

TrueCommerce Trading Partners Maps can be plugged-in or updated quickly and simply at any time. This key component of the TrueCommerce EDI platform keeps everything modular to reduce your costs and avoid strains on your IT department. The EDI mapping intelligently synchronizes the formats of your inbound and outbound transactions to the exact requirements of each of your trading partners. Adding a new partner is as easy as adding a new ’map’! And if one of your partners changes its requirements, TrueCommerce EDI Solutions will update the corresponding mapping at no charge.

Support for all of your EDI needs requires a broad range of expertise. We recognize that helping you to successfully address the EDI requirements of your customers and vendors is essential. Our support teams are here to help you every step of the way. We understand not only the technology behind EDI, but also how important it is to keep your EDI transactions flowing without interruption. An in-depth understanding of the specific requirements of each trading partner is critical to providing case resolution in a timely manner. So is a thorough knowledge of the issues related to integration with your business systems, and the technical challenges – from security to compliance – of sending and receiving transactions electronically.

Robust functionality, unequalled flexibility, simple deployment and maintenance, and unbeatable ease of use combined with lower costs and exceptional service -- that's the award-winning difference TrueCommerce EDI Solutions makes for over 2,000 small and mid-size businesses like yours.