What is software maintenance? Maintenance is a fee you pay to the software manufacturer in order for your business to receive all program enhancements and program upgrades as they are released. As a firm policy, we require all users to be current on maintenance in order for us to effectively support your system. (Link to) ClientCare Plans and (Link to) Support Plus for Abra and FAS.

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Besides installing, implementing, and training our customers on the software, we also provide upgrade services when Sage releases a version update. Note that we can only upgrade users who are current with Sage on ClientCare plans or SupportPlus plans.

Program Enhancements

Sage regularly releases program enhancements to improve the functionality of the software package. Our firm typically loads these enhancements for our clients. We can also be available to guide the client through independently loading the enhancement.

Tax Table Installations

If you are running the payroll modules, tax table updates are crucial for accurate taxation. We can load these updates for you, or you may simply choose to access the tax program online to update the software yourself. We recommend that you contact us for guidance if you want to load tax tables for your company.

Adding Modules

All companies change. That’s why Sage’s modular software packages are such a good fit for today’s mid-sized market! Our firm quotes and sells modules daily. We are also responsible for installing, implementing, and training our clients on the new purchase.

Master Developer Add-ons

Sometimes the native software does not operate exactly like your business. With Sage 100c, you have access to hundreds of Sage Master Developer add-ons that help mold the software into your very own custom package. If we cannot locate an add-on to satisfy your needs, we can contract with the Master Developer for a custom add-on. See the list below for add-ons most commonly sought after by our client base.


  • Scanning and Bar Code Printing – Many users want the ability to scan their inventory bar codes as they receive, as they ship, when they do cycle counts, and even when they are tracking assets for depreciation. There are several scanning options available through the Sage network. Contact us for more information on the Scanning and Bar Coding options for your Sage product.
  • EDI Processing – Do you sell your inventory or purchase items through an EDI network? Many distributors, manufacturers, and retail organizations are faced with becoming EDI-compliant in order to trade with certain larger partners (i.e.: Wal-Mart). There are several EDI options in the Sage network. Contact us for more information on the EDI options for your Sage product.
  • Route Sales – Whether you need your remote salespeople to access products through a laptop or through a handheld PC, there are several options available. Route sales add-ons give your remote salespeople the ability to generate invoices, credit memos, sales orders, and inventory transactions in the field. Contact us for more information on the Route Sales options for Sage 100c.
  • Service, Dispatch, and Warranty Management – For service companies, often there is a need to track more information than Sage 100c natively stores. There are several options available for tracking service calls, dispatching technicians to the field, maintenance agreements, warranties, scheduled service calls, customer relationships, inventory management, and more. Contact us for more information on the Service, Dispatch, and Warranty Management options for Sage 100c.
  • Direct Deposit – For companies needing to automate their payroll with direct deposit functionality, there are several options available in the Sage family of Master Developers. Contact us for more information on the Direct Deposit options in the Sage network.
  • Magnetic Media per State – Many businesses employ people across various state lines. To streamline the quarterly reporting process, there are Master Developers who have written solutions to automate the generation of a file for an upload to the appropriate government authority. Contact us for more information on the state-level Magnetic Media add-ons.
  • Time and Attendance Systems – If your payroll is heavily detailed or large in size, a Time and Attendance System can save your payroll administrator valuable time. By importing a data file out of a Time and Attendance System – where time is collected via time clock hardware, software, or the web – the amount of time spent processing payroll will be cut dramatically. No more hand-keying time into your Sage system. Contact us for more information on Time and Attendance Systems.
  • Sage Abra HRMS – If your benefits are complicated and the earning and deduction codes found within Sage 100c have been filled to capacity, now’s the time to look into the Abra HR product. Abra HR is the leading HR Management System in the market and links very nicely with the Sage 100c products. Contact us for more information about the Abra HR modules available for Sage 100c. Click here for Abra Product description.
  • Industry-specific – Often your needs are very specific to your industry. For example, the construction industry often requires AIA-certified payrolls. Since the Sage products cannot satisfy all of the requirements of each unique industry, we often support the integration between an industry-specific package and Sage products. Contact us for more information.
  • Other Integration – The sky is usually the limit on integration. As long as you own the correct integration module in the Sage system and the data output is available from the system with which we are integrating, it is fairly simple to integrate your outside system with products. Contact us if you have any questions regarding integration with Sage products.
  • Custom Add-ons – Contact us now so we can complete a needs analysis in order to find the right Master Developer for your customization.