SCANFORCE Warehouse Automation


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The warehouse is the heart of a wholesale distribution business. Errors in warehouse operation can undermine operations, resulting in customer dissatisfaction and financial disaster. ScanForce Warehouse Automation is designed to improve inventory accuracy and warehouse efficiency, allowing businesses to focus on their customers and sales.

ScanForce Warehouse Automation allows transactions to be done at the point-of-activity. This eliminates the error-prone middle-man. Instead of a transaction being written down, given to a data entry clerk to interpret, and expect that all of those steps will be free of errors, data can now be scanned and validated. Upon completing the transaction, it is sent wirelessly directly to Sage 100c.


  • Seamless integration into Sage 100c
  • User friendly interface
  • Perform Shipping, Receiving, and Inventory transactions
  • Scan item numbers or UPC numbers
  • Scan lot numbers and serial numbers
  • Data validation for all fields
  • Automatically print Shipping and Receiving documents


  • Eliminate duplicate data entry errors
  • Increase transaction processing speed
  • Improve inventory accuracy
  • Eliminate the wait for accurate inventory information