Payroll Paycards


Sage Payroll PayCard Employer Benefits

  • Reduces payroll costs
  • Easy integration with current payroll
  • Uses ACH direct deposit system (no new infrastructure needed)
  • Operates with your payroll provider
  • Processes daily ACH
  • Simple, user-friendly set up
  • Easy, online employee enrollment
  • Stops check fraud and lost/stolen checks
  • Eliminates check verification and reconciliation process
  • Can be used for reimbursement, bonuses and immediate cash
  • Saves your employees money

Why Should I Offer a Sage Payroll PayCard to My Employees

  • 10.6 percent of US household do not have checking accounts (Survey of Consumer Affairs, Federal Reserve)
  • 80 million consumers do not have checking accounts or have limited credit (Visa® Dec. ‘06)
  • Americans spend roughly $1 billion in check cashing fees (Visa® Dec. '06)
  • National check cashing costs are approximately 1 to 6% of a person’s pay

What are the Benefits for My Employees

  • Cost Savings- Sage Payroll PayCard eliminates the need for costly check cashing services.
  • Independence-Employees don’t need to ask relatives or friends to cash paychecks or pay bills on their behalf.
  • Freedom-Cash access and purchasing at millions of Visa® acceptance locations worldwide allow employees to control their funds while encouraging increased personal financial management.
  • Dignity-Employees have the prestige of carrying a Visa®-marked product.
  • Safety-Employees can obtain cash in the increments they need to meet their immediate needs, rather than cashing their checks for the full amount of their pay.
  • Loss Prevention-Unlike cash, a lost or stolen Sage Payroll PayCard can be replaced with its full remaining stored value. And, Visa® transactions have dispute rights and zero-liability policies.
  • Time Savings-With so many locations to access cash, employees can avoid waiting in check cashing lines on paydays.
  • Convenience-Employees can receive and access their pay even when they’re not on the job on payday.
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