BizNet™ Excel® Business Information Suite

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The BizNet™ product suite is a business reporting and analytics platform that provides real-time access to your business data from Microsoft® Office Excel®. It delivers simple, yet powerful capabilities to anyone who uses spreadsheets to gather and analyze business information. It also gives you the ability to create a single Excel® template for multiple report generation. The BizNet™ product suite empowers end users with the ability to get immediate answers to questions without the usual challenges of gathering and refreshing the source data.

Features and Benefits:


  • Real Time reporting
  • 100% Excel®
  • Leverage Existing Spreadsheets
  • Drag and Drop Report Creation
  • Pre-built Connections, Content, & Analysis
  • Utilize Single Excel Template for Generating Multiple Reports
  • No Additional Hardware Required
  • Fully Deployed in Less Than a Day


  • Report from Multiple ERP Modules
  • Consolidate Information from Multiple Databases
  • Drag and Drop Multi-Dimensional Analysis
  • Automatic Creation of PivotTables™ for Detailed Analysis
  • Drill to Transaction Detail
  • Generate Reports Faster with In-Memory Caching
  • Alerts and Conditional Delivery
  • Provide Workbooks that Decision-Makers Can Refresh and Filter Themselves.