Budget Maestro for Sage 100c

Budget Maestro by Centage Product Overview

Built-in Financial Intelligence and Business Rules

Budget Maestro’s powerful calculation engine incorporates dual-journal entry methodology (debits/credits) ensuring your calculations are mathematically correct and based on sound accounting principles. It’s built-in intelligence knows the behavioral attributes of each type of account i.e. revenue, expenses, balance sheet, cash accounts, equities – and their relationships ensuring roll-ups and consolidations are done properly.

Why it matters to you?

100% Accuracy. There is no need to create, maintain or troubleshoot formulas or macros. Through a series of menus, prompts and wizards, you enter the parameters and the data and Budget Maestro does the calculations for you – ensuring your numbers are 100% accurate numbers, all the time, every time. Any changes to the data are automatically updated and reflected in the related parts of the model.

Synchronized Chart of Accounts and Organizational Hierarchy

Budget Maestro’s innovative modeling design allows you to marry your Chart of Accounts with your Organizational Hierarchy so you can slice and dice your data to generate the most meaningful reports based on the way your business actually operates - going beyond the limitations of your Chart of Accounts.

Why it matters to you?

Improved Operational Analytics. Do you know who your most profitable customers are? Most efficient Sales Managers? With this type of integration, your finance team and managers can understand the impact of their operation’s performance against the company’s strategic goals.

Precise Cash Flow Statements, Integrated Financials

With Budget Maestro's built-in "financial intelligence", the Balance Sheet is automatically built off P&L transactions. The Statement of Cash Flow is automatically built from the Balance Sheet. The result? All your financial statements are perfectly synchronized. Your Balance Sheet and Cash Flow reports are not based on "estimates" or "averages" of Days Payable and Days Sales Outstanding but precise data.

Why it matters to you?

Trustworthy data for sound financial decisions. Do you want to make vital business decisions on headcount, expansion, cost cutting measures based on "close enough" numbers or exact, precise numbers? Budget Maestro gives you the precision you need to feel confident in your numbers.

Built-in Reporting - Right Out-of-the-box

Budget Maestro installs with 40+ pre-built GAAP-compliant reports – at the ready. These include Crystal Reports® presentation-style reports and drill-down reports enabling you to start analyzing the business in minutes. You can then customize your reports to fit your particular needs.

Why it matters to you?

Cost savings. No Programming. There are no costly and time-consuming programming requirements to develop and maintain reports. With Budget Maestro you have the option of generating reports from Budget Maestro or exporting them to Excel or your resident G/L system.

Ready to use upon Installation

Budget Maestro installs as easy as a "Microsoft Office" application. It's that easy. It takes only minutes with NO or little IT support. You can get started with the application upon installation.

 Why it matters to you?

Less demand on IT. For most SMBs, demand on IT resources is acute but with Budget Maestro, the program is designed to minimize IT resources and maximize use by the finance team and budget contributors upon installation.