Medical Blood Centers  

Sage 100 ERP enables Accounting and Purchasing departments to gain the ability to track lot numbers on specific inventoried items.

Elite Medical Billing Specialists, Inc allows billing representatives to facilitate administrative and operational accounting duties for Tissue Services including payroll, billing, accounts payable, and purchasing. Elite Medical Billing Specialists, Inc automates tracking and the reporting of billing amounts, corresponding tissue types and dates of billing and reimbursements received for Tissue Donor Services. Elite Medical Billing Specialists, Inc facilitates the compilation to submit billing information and rates for Shared Service Partners, as well as information for serology reimbursement rates for invoicing. Elite Medical Billing Specialists, Inc gives the billing representative visibility to perform Tissue Distribution Services billing and to verify pricing.  Elite Medical Billing Specialists, Inc enables the billing representative to update the P.O. information from the ordering facility, submit invoices complete with P.O. to Accounting, and assign P.O. for purchased tissue with contracted vendors. Also billing representatives are empowered by the data in Elite Medical Billing Specialists, Inc to work closely with external accounting departments on a regular basis to gather information and resolve any discrepancies. 

Sage 100 ERP is integrated with Elite Medical Billing to bring the open invoices out of billing into Sage 100 ERP sales order data entry where the invoices are passed into Sage 100 ERP accounts receivable to expedite the collections process.

Bar Code Label Requirements for Medical Blood Centers

Blood and blood components must be labeled with with specific machine-readable bar code information by April 26th, 2006.  The unit of blood or blood component label would contain the machine-readable information if the blood or blood component has any possibility of being transfused to a patient, whether or not the unit is actually transfused.  The purpose of the bar coding rule is to reduce transfusion errors and increase patient safety.

Implement Sage 100 ERP bar code technology in the purchasing department to reduce transfusion errors and increase patient safety.