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3 Ways an ERP Software Needs Assessment Helps Remove Bottlenecks

Posted by Adrian Montgomery on Thu, Nov 29, 2012 @ 07:24 PM
Business Process Assessment

Is your company growing?

Are your ERP software users complaining about lack of functionality they require to efficiently accomplish customer service objectives?

If you answered yes to the questions above, here are some reasons your company will benefit from an ERP software needs assessment.

  1. An ERP software needs assessment is a set of questions asked by an ERP software consultant to identify key issues in your companies business processes and business process automation.
  2. An ERP software needs assessment can reveal human related issues versus software related issues within your company's business processes
  3. According to source:  TGI, "An ERP software needs assessment can be the foundation for preparing a complete ROI calculation and analysis.  The ROI analysis is the key to starting the software selection search off on the right track, because it builds the foundation for assessing and selecting the software for your organization's future."
An ERP software needs assessment is a living document that defines ERP software users need based requirements and measures how well their business process needs are currently being met.  This document will express the business case findings from the user's perspective.
An ERP software needs assessment will usually reveal whether or not your organization needs a more in depth business process assessment.  In our next blog, we will explain in further detail the differences between an ERP software needs assessment and a business process assessment.

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