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Join us for "Save 5 to 35 Hours a Week Calculating Time & Attendance"

Posted by Adrian Montgomery on Mon, Apr 11, 2011 @ 11:28 AM

Simple manual employee actions, like time recording, that may only take one employee a moment, can create enormous costs if performed thousands of times a year by every employee in the workforce. Automating the most frequent employee actions yields the greatest cost savings and efficiency improvements.

In this webinar you will learn not only why you should be using time and attendance software to automate the collection process, you will also receive tools to calculate your return on investment.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • How to capture real-time labor information
  • How to reduce errors associated with manual time collection
  • How to reduce buddy punching w/Biometics


Watch recorded May 2011 presentation now:

Web-Based to Empower Your Workforce

Employees and supervisors are empowered within your workflow with the 100% browser-based intuitive interface. Eliminate burdensome manual processes by offering manager and employee self-service for:

Employee Self-Service Manager Self-Service
  • Time-off requests
  • Time-entry, review and sign-off
  • Labor allocation
  • Scheduling
  • Expenses and mileage
  • Review timecard history
  • Monitor attendance
  • Manage exceptions
  • Prevent overtime
  • Streamline approvals workflow
  • Real-time Status Monitor
  • Web and email alerting

Data Collection for All Employee Populations

Employees spread across the site, or across the country can enter their time with the data collection option appropriate to their needs. Insperity Time and Attendance data collection devices are supported in both real-time and batch-process modes and encompass badge-based timeclocks, biometric timeclocks, mobile devices, telephony, web punching and much more.

Labor Insight and Reporting

Your workforce data is only as valuable as your insight into it! In addition to real-time alerting, the TimeStar Enterprise™ Time & Attendance Software package delivers a broad range of built-in administrative and business intelligence reports based on the industry-standard Crystal Reports® reporting engine including:

  • Time and labor
  • Attendance and performance
  • HR and organizational
  • Leave accruals
  • Trend analysis
  • Payroll
  • Cost center
  • Audit
  • Scheduling
  • Supervisor and administrative reports

Optimized For Your Environment

The Insperity Time and Attendance' advantage over our competitors lies in our ability to respond to each client’s unique needs and our corporate-wide "culture of consultation." All Insperity Time and Attendance implementations follow a highly-consultative and comfortable process centered on the dependable and efficient Insperity Time and Attendance P3 Methodology.

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