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What is a Business Process Project Management Committee?

Posted by Adrian Montgomery on Thu, Jan 03, 2013 @ 04:45 PM
Project Management Lifecycle

The Business Process Project Management Committee is a group within an organization assigned to maintain the health of interdepartmental business processes and dependencies. Usually an organization will form a Business Process Project Management committee to measure the efficiencies of human and software related business processes.

Each department within an organization elects a Business Process Project Management Committee representative.  Each department representative is asked a series of questions to identify human and software related bottlenecks and inefficiencies.  The department employee surveys the department to identify opportunities to improve and reports the information back to the Business Process Project Management Committee.

The Business Process management Committee then determines how to solve the inefficiencies through employee training or implementation of business process automation software.  If the Business Process management Committee decides the inefficiencies are Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software related the committee will define the business process management objectives and write a request for proposal from ERP software vendors.  Once the ERP software selection is final the Business Process Management committee overseas the new ERP software related implementation to insure it meets the objectives of resolving the business process inefficiencies.

The Business Process management Committee focuses on the following objectives during ERP software implementation related projects

  • Consistent program and project execution
  • Meeting commitments
  • Staying within the parameters to measure progress across the entire organization
  • Employee project inclusiveness
  • Employee culture change

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