Business Process Assessment

Business Process AssessmentThe business process assessment is an important step in the accounting
selection process.  The business process assessment is a tool used to reveal process improvement opportunities.  Prior to selecting a new accounting system it is important to understand the degree the new system meets the business process automation objectives of each department within a company.  This can be achieved by asking a series of questions applicable to the individual departments and assigning a weight to each question answered.  The business process assessment can reveal "bottlenecks" within a particular department that are hindering the growth and efficiency of the business.

Step One: The technology project managment committee decides which questions apply to each department within the company.  
Step Two: The goal here is to get the people within each department engaged.  Each question is answered and given a weight of importance.
Step Three:  Analyze the data
Step Four:  Match the business process automation objectives of each department and match it to the functionality of each accounting system under consideration by creating a matrix.