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Sage 100 ERP Accounts Payable Video: 3 Steps to Set Up ACH Payments

Posted by Keith Perkins on Mon, Jul 14, 2014 @ 07:51 AM

Sage 100 ERP Accounts Payable Video: How to Set-Up ACH Payments and Pay Bills Electronically

As Sage 100 ERP consultants that have worked with hundreds of clients, we often get requests from our Sage clients who want us to to help them with implementing this electronic ACH functionality. Sage 100 has the ability to allow your Account Payable staff to pay your Vendors electronically through the ACG network. ACH is built into out of the box Sage 100 ERP.  However, in order to set up ACH, you must first follow a few important steps. Check out this 15 minute video demonstrating how to set up electronic ACH payments in Sage 100 ERP for vendors in Accounts Payable. This is a very efficient way to pay your bills.

Here's the 3 basic steps to successfully setting up electronic ACH payments in Sage 100 ERP.

  1. Get Bank Format: ACH needs to be formatted for the different standards each bank will have for its own format. It's much like payroll that has it's own formatting requirements that are different between banks. It's generally a similar process with Sage 100 ERP Accounts Payable. We always coordinate with the client's bank and find out what ACH format they require.
  2. SetUp Options:  To activate ACH, you need to set it up in Sage 100 ERP.  Go to Accounts Payable and in the Setup Options folder you will see the ACH tab where you will have various ACH options. You turn on emails to store your ACH emails.  You can select partial allocation and how many years to retain history Further down the Setup menu, we have the ACH interface maintenance.  Here you can have different formats for different banks.  This is where you would hold the routing numbers and other information required to complete an ACH transaction. Usually we associate it with one vendor like a test vendor for testing purposes.  We would make sure it works before we start soliciting this information from our vendors.  You would need to set up each vendor with their information in Sage 100 ERP in Vendor Maintenance.
  3. Paperless Office Setup - Next, go to Paperless Office - Form Maintenance Setup - Enter Company Code - Accounts Payable - Check enable electronic delivery - enter email address - point to directory for PDF storage. Now you can send all your PDF documents via email. This is also the place where you can decide if you want to have the electronic remittance devices sent out when we update our check register. Since Sage allows you to save mulitple contacts per vendor, you can choose to send the PDF to several emails per vendor.

Customers really appreciate activating the ACH functionality in Sage 100 ERP because they save time and avoid the costs of stamps and the effort of mailing checks. It makes it easier to manage vendors. The vendors appreciate it because their payments coming electronically which is faster, the deal with less mail and paperless records. 

Sage 100 ERP Accounts Payable ACH saves man-hours and is eco-friendly.  If you're not using ACH today, you may want to consider it! We hope you find this set up video useful.  As always, consult with your Sage 100 ERP consultant bfefore making any changes ot your system. We are also available to help.

If you would like to learn more about Sage 100 ERP and setting up ACH, please contact us!   As ERP consultants with over twenty years of experience, we've helped hundreds of businesses become more efficient and profitable.

Posted by Keith Perkins at Accounting Software serving Sage 100 ERP customers in Shreveport, LA and surrounding areas.

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